April 12, 2020


As a result of Covid19 Killarney Cardiac Response Unit has refocused our attention on community support.

To protect the safety and welfare of responders and the public the National Ambulance Service have applied response restrictions.

The Ambulance service continue to respond to 999/112 calls and have additional resources available during covid19.

COVID-19 Community Response – New Freephone Line 1800 807 009 ...

KCRU has:

– Redeployed our equipment to other emergency services – Including PPE.
– Signed up covid support forum under Kerry Volunteer Centre.
– Added additional PAD (Public access AED) currently 2 additional locations.
– Transitioned our training room to a control room.
– Started remote training utilizing a mix of video conferencing, online learning and quizzes.

We have invested substantially in PPE to protect our responders and will en devour to support our frontline services at this challenging time.

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