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Civil Defence/Order Of Malta Training Day

Our responders ahead of "going live" with the National Ambulance Service ( NAS ) were tasked to emergency mock call outs along side EMTS from Kerry Civil Defence and Killarney Order Of Malta. The "call outs" were staged at numerous different locations around Killarney including, Ross Castle, Aghadoe Viewing Point, The German Butchers, Killarney Race Course and The Reeks Gateway.

The Community First responders were put trough their paces being faced with Cardiac Arrest scenarios , Chest Pain patients, Choking incidents and patients suffering with suspected Strokes.

Our Responders were tasked from their homes to unknown locations with the voluntary ambulances following suit. Great interagency work with Killarney Cardiac Response Unit and our local Order of Malta and Civil Defence.

Many thanks to Liam Gulifoile and James Looney from Killarmey OMAC and to Peter Clarke and Paul Banyham from Kerry CD.

By Damien Baker on Tuesday November 17, 2015