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Delivery of New AED Units

On Monday the 15th of June at the Killarney Plaza Hotel, the members of Killarney Cardiac Response Unit received a delivery of 4 AEDs, a training AED, 4 Adult Mannequins, 2 Baby Mannequins,emergency jump bags and all the kit to go with them!

It was great to see after only 5 months hard work that together as a unit we made it possible to purchase all this equipment.

As scheme Co-Ordinator I could not ignore or forget to THANK both our MEMBERS for their dedication and commitment, and the town of Killarney for their ongoing support and generosity. The people of Killarney town are a very special group of people and there support has been amazing since day one, I speak for the whole unit when we express our sincere thanks on such a momentous occasion!

Stay tuned for more news!.

By Damien Baker on Monday June 22, 2015