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The Story So Far

Since going live with the National Ambulance Service (NAS) in August 2015, Killarney Cardiac Response Unit has attended over 220 call-outs. Our Responders carry a bag with an AED and other life saving equipment, that will give the patient every fighting chance until the Ambulance arrive. We have a total of 5 AED's in use. This amazing service could not be provided only for the dedicated group of Responders who make it all possible. It takes countless amounts of hours on call, training and fundraising to make this service possible for the town of Killarney. Cardiac First Responders object is to be on the scene of a Cardiac Arrest, Heart attack, Stroke or Chocking within 10 minutes of receiving the emergency call from Ambulance Control. After arriving on the scene our First Responders will be.

  1. Clearing and Controlling the Airway of an Unconscious patient
  2. Providing resuscitation and defibrillation.
  3. Taking basic observations.
  4. making the patient more comfortable and at ease.
  5. Reassuring relatives and taking charge of the situation.
  6. Using local knowledge to ensure that the Ambulance can find the location quickly.

While none of our members are paid for any of their time it does cost money to train and equip, and The Killarney Cardiac Response Unit have a fundraising team in place and the support of the Town of Killarney.

Below are some pictures of our Responders undertaking some training with the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps Ireland, Killarney Unit at training. Two Nurses along with an EMT showed our Responders some advance equipment that the Ambulance Service use when they arrive on scene.

On behalf of the Committee and the Responders of Killarney Cardiac Response Unit I would like to thank the NAS crews for their support and kind words of thanks each time we meet them at callouts and to the businesses of Killarney who so generously support us on a regular basis.

By Damien Baker on Tuesday May 24, 2016